Are you unhappy with your weight & exhausted from years of yo-yo dieting?

  • Would you like to lose weight FOR LIFE without having to do another diet, count your calories or endure gruelling workouts?
  • Have you tried to lose weight in the past with little long term results and feel pretty darn hopeless?
  • Would you love to ditch dieting and be able to eat what you love while also losing weight?
  • Would you love to be able to eat out at a restaurant and not be filled with stress and guilt?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then I want you to know you are in the right place.

I dieted on and off for 20 years with no long-term successes! 

In fact I dieted all the way up to almost 200lbs!

I know how disheartened and disgusted I was with my lack of success. Can you relate?

Once I finally gave up on dieting and figured out the simple steps I now use, I was finally able to lose the weight and I know you can too!

After 20 years of painful dieting and weight yo-yo's, I dropped almost 50 lbs in 8 months.

The best part is that no dieting was involved and I have kept it off joyfully for long-term (over 4 years now!) WITHOUT dieting!

I have helped hundreds of other women see amazing results and I know you can do it too!

Imagine ending your struggle & enjoying life without food being a constant obsession.

Dieting will never allow you to be free from the struggle with weight.

The multi-billion diet industry says we'll only lose weight by dieting and exercising until we drop. This is a total lie! Diets are designed to trap us in a cycle of dieting to lose weight and then gaining it all back when we stop. Repeat.

Did you that that research shows us that 98% of dieters gain back all their weight (or more!) within a year. This is how the diet industry stays in business.

Have you been one of these 98% before? I have, multiple heartbreaking times. 

There is a far better way and I here to share it with you!

What I’m about to tell you about you is pretty much the opposite of everything you have ever tried in the past and that is why it works!

This is the system that has finally led me to freedom around food and a body I love after 20 years of struggle!

It has helped hundreds of other women just like you lose weight and keep it off without dieting too!

See what other women are saying about the coaching program just below.

“Since taking this program I ENJOY eating and have slowly stopped body shaming myself. Did I mention I have already lost 9 lbs from the changes I have made to the way I eat? (No diets!) I am below my pre-baby weight! I love looking at myself in the mirror now. All thanks to you.” -Carlyn Kimmitt

Are you afraid of trying another program because of your history of dieting disappointments and fear of facing another one?

Nola is a fellow food-lover, and diets and supplements were bringing her down. She couldn't seem to stick with a regime. "This is the first program I have ever stuck, benefitted from, and enjoyed, and that is saying a lot!"


Perhaps you feel like you need to become a super strict eater in order to ever see results? NOPE, not with this program!

"What really surprised me and I was so happy about is that I have not cut anything out and am down in weight instead of up after the Holidays! Over the Christmas break we had big meals, buffets, pizza, goodies...and eating it mindfully, slowly, and not stuffing my face made such a difference. I was shocked to see that I am down 6 lbs!" -Shannon Booth

I have been where you are.

Hi, I’m Charmaine Ironside, the creator and coach of Peaceful Eating for Weight Loss! I'm a mom, entrepreneur, and food lover... and I used to hate my body and have a terrible struggle with food and my weight. I opened my closet every morning knowing that everything would look bad on me. My mind was always filled with shame and criticism. Can you relate?

I wanted a real way to lose weight and keep it off. There was so much nutrition information being flung at me. Just eat less food. Just eat more protein and broccoli. Just do more cardio. Just stop eating before 8pm. Just eat less carbs. Just use portion control. Just eat less fat. Just eat more fat. Just drink more water. Bahhhh! Nothing worked long term.

I became a fitness and nutrition coach, and felt ashamed for not being able to get my own weight under control despite all my knowledge. I thought I was just lazy and lacking in willpower, so I hopped from diet to diet, thinking, If I try harder, it'll work this time.

Sometimes I lost weight on a diet, but in only matter of time it was back on my hips, plus more. I didn't trust myself around food, and I was sick of being uncomfortable all the time. All I wanted was peace. Can you relate?

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Albert Einstein

Want to enjoy your body and life without obsessing over food or dieting?

After spending most of my life on failed diets, meal plans, cleanses, pills, potions, and procedures, I was done with the diet industry. Are you pretty much done too? I hope so!

Since diets weren't working, I asked myself what might be causing my weight gain other than just food. I started reading books and studies, meeting with experts, and joining workshops and eating retreats.

A whole new world opened up to me and taught me something life-changing: The problem wasn't what I was eating, but how and why I was eating. I didn't need to eat itty bitty meals carefully weighed and measured! I didn't have to follow some boring cottage-cheese-laden meal plan! I was free!

Now, after 20 years of frustrating diets, I have lost all my excess weight (almost 50lbs!) and kept it off, joyfully and easily as you can see in the photo below. I have finally discovered peace around food.

What began as my own desire to lose weight and find peace has ballooned outwards! Fired up by my own success, I've developed an amazing program to help you with your journey to long-term weight loss. 

Would you love to live in a slimmer, healthier, & more energetic body?

We all want to be slimmer, but what we dream about is sliding into a cute pair of jeans and thinking, I look amazing today. We dream about meeting friends at a restaurant and ordering the pasta with creamy garlic cheese sauce and relishing it, free of thoughts about indulgence or "cheating".

We dream about waking up joyful and energized, with lightness in our step. We dream about wearing a pair of shorts to the gym. We dream about running through the sprinkler in the front yard with our children and giggling like crazy

We dream about smiling and striking a pose for a candid shot on a holiday, instead of covering our faces or sucking it in. We dream about people asking us, how do you look so darn good and love cake as much as you do?

We dream of being happy inside our skin. 

It's time to be happy in yours. It is possible!


Have you tried every diet out there but still feel like you're missing the secret?

You are not alone.
You are not crazy.
You are definitely not a food lunatic!

There are no magic pills, plans, or procedures. Instead, I have a great solution for you that has nothing to do with all those gimmicks that never work.

Overcome your weight struggles once and for all.

Peaceful Eating for Weight Loss is my 6-week online coaching program , delivered via quick training modules with videos every 2-3 days. If you have a war-like relationship with your weight and food, this is the peaceful resolution you’ve been looking for.

For only $49USD:

• Grow a sense of peace around food
• Achieve joyful and long-term fat loss without deprivation
• Experience better digestion and energy
• Feel empowered and in control around food choices
• Ditch food guilt
• Discover a new level of trust and appreciation for your body
• Master mealtime habits you can use for the rest of your life

Did I mention the fact that you will drop weight without restricting yourself and feeling totally deprived??

Get Started

This program includes:

  • 6 weeks of transformation, weight release and healing your relationship with food and your body
  • Twenty two,  10-15 minute video trainings delivered to you over 6-weeks to learn the simple and effective tools to transform your body and life.  
  • Resources including quick follow along body weight workout video's, self discovery worksheets, meal ideas and more!

Are you afraid you don't have time? I have designed this program to be as impactful and efficient as humanly possible. You will get exactly what you need with no extra junk to wade through. All you need to do is dedicate 10-15 minutes of your day 3x a week to yourself!

See what others are saying about this program just below and for the sake of your peace and your best body, do this for yourself!


" Charmaine taught me how to pay attention to how I'm feeling and how to deal with negative thoughts and emotions that used to always lead me turn to food. Diets don’t teach you how to get to the root of why you are overweight so they will never work. I am so glad I see the truth now. Thanks for sharing your years of education and experience with me and changing my life. They say people come into our lives for a reason and I am so glad you came into mine. You were put on this earth to do this."


"This is the first time in my life I've exercised and eaten healthfully with a joyful and loving attitude. I know this change is sustainable because it comes from a place of empowerment. I recommend this course without hesitation. Do it if you want to finally feel great in your body!"


"I’d been through years of sports nutrition coaching, counselling, and eating disorder clinics, and nothing helped me achieve a healthy relationship with food. You have finally changed my way of thinking, and reset my relationship with food. I finally have BALANCE! I actually love and embrace my body now, Thanks for your consistent positive messages, Charmaine. Your positivity has rippled though my life, and changed me for the better."


"I lost 5 lbs during the program and another 11 since then WITHOUT dieting! I don’t have anxiety over food anymore. I eat whatever I want, just less, and make healthier choices more regularly. I've become so aware of my emotions and triggers around eating and finally feel confident at being strong enough to shut them down! "


"I began the program after acknowledging the poor example I was setting for my daughter with cyclical dieting. An important internal shift has occurred for me and I am grateful."


"Since taking this program I ENJOY eating and have slowly stopped body shaming myself. Did I mention I have already lost 9 lbs from the changes I have made to the way I eat? (No diets!) I am below my pre-baby weight! I love looking at myself in the mirror now. All thanks to you"


"After having my third son in 3.5 years, I thought I would never get my body or myself back again. I hated my body more than I ever had, and I tried every diet out there. After completing this program,  I can now taste my food and I feel joy at meal times. I enjoy sweets without guilt and shame. My day-to-day stress has decreased and I no longer worry about every bite of food."


"Slim, young, and fit doesn't matter. We all have body image issues. Charmaine’s course is a MUST for anyone looking to live a happier life and be at peace with their body."


"I am not longer looking at weight-loss injections and plastic surgery to “fix me” as I have for so many years. This was $ well spent in my journey to wellness, the diet industry will miss me! "


Claire's Story

"My relationship with food was "rushed". Meals were just something that needed to be done. Now, after the program, I genuinely enjoy my food, and feel like I'm respecting my food and respecting my body. I stop eating when I'm full!"


Larissa's Story

"I would eat while I was distracted. I labelled food as "good" or "bad" and was always hungry. I've learned so much from Charmaine that I've started to employ these new habits into my day-to-day life. Treating yourself to a cupcake is not the end of the world! You're allowed to have this joyful experience with food."


Take back your life. Join me in your journey to peace around food and the body of your dreams!

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email from me and your next steps. You will be so glad you did!



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